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The Chosen Front Cover.jpg


Stone Keepers - The Chosen

Kiara stared at the new boy and immediately knew that his arrival at her school would affect her more than anyone else. Standing before the class was someone whose mind she couldn’t read.


It is with relief that fourteen-year-old Kiara Floriant meets Ethan Green, another mind reader like herself. But when a new teacher arrives at their school whose mind neither of them can read, they, along with Kiara’s best friend Phoebe, soon find themselves lost in an unknown world, hunted and running for their lives.


For Kiara and Ethan are Stone Keepers, unwitting guardians of a great power that many seek to own. To restore peace to their world they must find the other three like themselves and fulfil the ancient Prophecy – not an easy task when they have no idea who or where the other Stone Keepers are, and the enemy will do anything to stop them realising their destiny.

The Lodihr Front Cover.jpg


Stone Keepers - The Lodihr

“The power of your Stones is a power of enormous value and one that can be used for great good or great evil.


Remember, trust in no one and trust nothing but your instincts and the words of your Prophecy.”


Kiara and Ethan have returned to Earth. Phoebe, left behind on Tartha, is on the run with the wildcat Dragar searching for the mythical Lodihr.


The fate of Tartha hangs in the balance. The Vardoul, Medeelan and Ortalus all seek the five Power Stones. If any of them find even one of the remaining three Stone Keepers before Kiara and Ethan do, the Prophecy of Arithnar will fail.








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Stone Keepers - The One

Just as there is a force for good that binds the universe together, there is an opposite one. This force has no morals, no conscience, no thought for anything but its own well-being and desires. It is evil in its purest form, and it seeks the power in your Stones, a great power that can be used equally for good or bad. This evil will thwart you at every turn in your attempts to fulfil the Prophecy. Do not ever let your guard down.


Two worlds.

Five Stone Keepers.

Two conflicting prophecies.


The Stone Keepers have been lied to, kidnapped and now forced into hiding. Yet they have also found help in unexpected places and made new, if unconventional, friends. 


Time is running out. Still scattered across Earth and Tartha, they must find one another before the Day of the Ealorin Sun if they are to outwit their enemies and complete the Prophecy of Arithnar.

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