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About the books

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I liked the Stone Keepers as I kept wanting to turn the page and see what happened next. It is also not just a book for girls, even though it has a flying horse on the cover. I really liked the dragon on the cover of the next book Karlana showed us and I hope I can read it soon.


- Harry


Artwork by Kate Walsh, cover artist

I loved the story and that they are just kids who end up in another world and meet some really different amazing animals like we don’t have on Earth. The story is really good and I didn’t want to stop reading but my mum told me I had to turn the light out.

- Ryia

We had to choose a book to put up on the list for “Australian Classics” and I said ‘Stone Keepers – The Chosen’. I loved it and can’t wait for the next book to find out what happens.



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The Chosen Artwork Draft 7.JPG

When I saw the cover, I really wanted to read the Stone Keepers.  What I liked was that there are talking animals who are clever and there are also girls who are clever and brave.

- Jiao

Artwork by Kate Walsh, cover artist

Your book inspired me to want to write so much that now I have started to write my own book. Thank you so much for the experience.

- Dakota

I liked The Chosen because one of the main kids is called Ethan, like me. I wish I could get into the story in real life. Ha ha.  

That would be the best day ever.


- Ethan

Freckled Kid
A Girl in a Classroom

Your book gave me the passion to write my own book.


- Rianan

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