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"2020 LIFE & LOCKDOWN - Stories From Kids".

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Capturing History 


Kid's Stories of Life with Lockdown/COVID-19

I invited school students to write a short story, fiction or non-fiction, with some reference to the situation we were in during 2020. Poems and plays were also an option.

With parental permission, I am publishing both an e-book and a printed version of as many of the stories as I can early in 2021. This will be available for purchase with all proceeds donated to a charity that helps disadvantaged children (still to be chosen). First names, city and the child's age will be the only identifiers used in the publication,


My idea stems from thinking about the huge impact the "lockdown" was having on children's lives, affecting them in so many ways, from being unable to visit other family and friends and missing out on birthday parties to attending school online and fighting boredom. Even something as simple as playing on the swings or slide at the park was no longer considered normal On the other hand, lots of experiences were going on at home, such as online and home schooling, cooking, gardening and other hobbies. Friends still chatted, but online, and neighbours looked out for one another, perhaps even more than before.

To capture the younger perspective of 2020 is important!

*Rori Diary KK fix.jpg

By Rori

*Kelsey devastation KK fix.jpg

By Kelsey

By Jack

*Summer Corona 1.jpg

By Summer

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*Nathan Life Change KK fix.jpg

By Nathan

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*Jack Zombie KK fix.jpg
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