Primary school - two best stories*

Secondary school - two best stories*

PRIZE: (1) A set of the Stone Keepers trilogy. (2) Your story will also be published (with parental permission) at the front a book of Covid-19 inspired stories by kids aged 5-18. All profits will go to a children's charity.

PLUS - All authors will go into the random prize draw for 4 sets of the Stone Keepers trilogy and as many of your stories as possible will also be included in the book.

* as decided by Karlana Kasarik

Capturing History 


Your Stories of Life with Lockdown/COVID-19

I invite school students aged 5-18-years-old, from anywhere in the world, to write a short story (in English), fiction or non-fiction, with some reference to the current situation we all are in. Poems and plays are also welcome, and guidelines are given below.

With parental permission, I would like to publish both an e-book and a printed version of as many of the stories as I can later in the year. This will be available for purchase with all proceeds donated to a charity that helps disadvantaged children (still to be chosen). First names, city and the child's age will be the only identifiers used in the publication, unless the parent wishes to include the surname as well.


My idea stems from thinking about the huge impact the "lockdown" is having on children's lives, affecting them in so many ways, from being unable to visit other family and friends and missing out on birthday parties to attending school online and fighting boredom. Even something as simple as playing on the swings or slide at the park are no longer considered normal On the other hand, lots of experiences will be going on at home such as online and home schooling, cooking, gardening and other hobbies. Friends still chat, but now online, and neighbours look out for one another, perhaps even more than before.


Book Give-Away


PRIZE DRAW: Everyone who sends in a story goes into the prize draw to win a set of the Stone Keeper trilogy. The first prize draw of two names was conducted on July 29th (see my Facebook page for the video). Names not drawn out will stay in the giveaway and new authors will be added to this too. The next prize draws will be in mid-September and at the end of October


Stories can be emailed to Karlana at info@bluekoalapublishing.com or posted to Karlana Kasarik, P.O. Box 222, Niddrie, Vic, Australia, 3042, by Sunday, August 30, 2020.


If you have any questions, please also email and ask me.


I am so excited about this project and I can't wait to read your stories and share them with others!!

Guidelines for your Lockdown/COVID-19 Story

Your writing piece must include some reference to COVID-19 and/or Lockdown. It can be either:

  1. non-fiction about how you feel and what you are experiencing and what is different, good or bad about your life at the moment.                                         

  2. a fictional story that uses, as the basis of your story, some of the things you see going on in the world around you because of the current health problem. 

  • Your story may have happy and sad parts, exciting bits, weird things may happen, there could be amazing characters, but also dull characters and some parts that seem not so exciting or amazing if that is what you want to portray. 

  • Just remember, whether you are writing about your life experiences and feelings, or making up a story, you can never be wrong! It is all coming from your head and your heart. Just make sure it makes sense to the reader!

I just have a few suggestions to help you:

  • Write a plan, and then as you write, ask yourself, "does this make sense?" 

  • Younger children may have a simple 'beginning, middle and end', but the older and more experienced you are with your writing, you should have a lot more going on in the 'middle' of your story before the end is reached. 

  • There is no minimum or maximum number of words. The length of your story is not as important as the interesting way you tell it, and that it is a complete story.

  • When you have finished, edit and then edit again, and maybe once more! Editing can include adding in more sentences or paragraphs or taking some out, changing names, descriptions, etc, not just correcting spelling and grammar. 


  • Use a dictionary and thesaurus. You can really take your story to another level with descriptive words you might not have used before. I use a dictionary/thesaurus every time I write and find it easiest to use online versions if you can. 

  • Your story can take days or even weeks to write and perfect. Don't feel that you have to complete it in a couple of hours or a day.

  • If you wish to use illustrations, please do! Drawing is an excellent way to express ideas and help tell a narrative. Your whole story can be in drawings with some text if that is your style.

  • Your writing can either be emailed or posted to:

       Karlana at info@bluekoalapublishing.com or

       Karlana Kasarik, P.O. Box 222, Niddrie, Vic, 3042, by Sunday August 30th.

© Karlana Kasarik 2020

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