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About the school visits

Karlana inspired me to use better words during writing and editing time by showing us how just saying ‘beach’ when I write could make the reader think of one beach with lots of sand and sun when I am thinking of a beach with cliffs and rocks. 

- Corey

I liked the way Karlana said that when you are editing there are so many descriptive ways to explain something or someone. As an example of this was the list of 31 Ways to describe light. This made me think about how I can use different words to create a better picture.


- Georgia

Peaks Above Clouds

It was an interesting experience been shown how to edit properly. I didn’t realise an author changed names and items during their writing process. It made me see that making changes is a good thing.


- Zoe

I absolutely enjoyed your presentation, mainly because I love to write but the real reason is because you opened a portal of new ideas to guide my editing to perfection. So, for that, I hope you come back.

- Will

Girl at School

Thank you for checking out my story. From writer to writer, I’m glad you are able to read my work. It has inspired me.

- Samantha

When Karlana came in she really made me understand about an author's process of writing a story. I learnt that it isn't that hard to find an idea for a fantastic story. She made me understand some of the things that you have to remember whilst writing a story. Some of the things were to remember to really describe your story or scene, to make the characters do something for a purpose and don't put too many characters in the story so it doesn't cause confusion. At the end of the session I walked out the room with pure inspiration and I felt ready to write even more with way more understanding thanks to Karlana!


- Samara 

I’ve been inspired to write with passion and I will use the best of my ability.

- Aaron

In the Classroom

When Karlana came and talked to us about editing it was a big wake up call. I realised I needed to spend more time editing and adding interest to my stories.


- Jack

Webiste Editing pic.JPG

Karlana's inspirational speech encouraged us to add more depth to our writing. Her editing lesson helped me make corrections in my work which created more significant story.


- Tegan

Karlana talked about a dedication in a story and how it is also good to make a dedication which I didn't know before entering the room. I was curious about publishing and she helped me understand publishing better.

- Ruby

I really enjoyed it when Karlana came in to talk to us because she gave us a lot of tips about writing and reading. I also liked the fact that we could go and buy her book and because I love reading, meeting an author is great. The tip that I thought was the most valuable was the planning tip because I don’t usually plan.

- Isabel

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