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Kate has been teaching in the Arts for many years, working with students in preschool, primary and secondary schools, and adults throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. She has a Bachelor of Education (Art/Crafts) from Melbourne University (formerly MCAE, 1988).

Kate studied for the Master of Fine Art (RMIT University 2011). She has entered national art prizes including the Archibald Portrait Prize (2015, 2018 & 2020), Sulman Prize (2018), Doug Moran Prize (2018), and Portia Geach Memorial Award (2018, 2019). She has been an exhibiting artist for over 20 years with work in private collections in Australia and overseas. 

Kate’s art is mostly focused on the blurred edges of life, the transition of emotion, a passing thought sliding across the face, a fleeting gesture, an unconscious presence, the mood of a landscape impacting on personal experience or just a hint of perception or imagination that fuels a narrative. The intangible nature of the human spirit, memory and dream-like states are referenced through partially transparent, fragmented, and disintegrating imagery. Kate's aim is to challenge the viewer to enter a psychological space. When detail is important, Kate becomes more focused on clarity in her paintings especially for commissioned portraiture, book cover design, and paying homage to another place or time. She still aims to capture imagination, the fleeting emotion, a spiritual connection or a significant memory and tries to imbue this into the work. 

Social Media for Kate's art


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Facebook -   Kate Walsh Art


Tilly 2018

Nicholas Bell -

Archibald entry 2018

Tilly - 2018 watercolour on

raw canvas

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